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North American Arms 22 Mag 5 Round 22 Magnum w/1 1/8" Barrel & Stainless Finish Sig Sauer Sig P220 Fixed Sights
Our Price: $208.95
Our Price: $819.95
North American Arms 22 Mag 5 Round 22 Magnum w/1 1/8 Sig Sauer P220 Fixed Sights
NORTH AMERICAN ARMS         22 Mag Mini Revolvers    

North American Arms 22 Mag 5 Round 22 Magnum w/1 1/8" Barrel & Stainless Finish

North American Arms mini revolvers are equipped with a unique safety giving
its owner maximum protection against accidental discharge. The North
American Arms safety cylinder feature allows the gun to be carried fully
loaded. There are halfway notches between the chambers. The hammer is
lowered into one of these notches after the gun is loaded. When the hammer
is pulled back to the firing position the cylinder rotates to the next
chamber. Note: The traditional half-cock position is to be used for loading
and unloading only.

Mfg Item Num:       22MS        
Category:           FIREARMS - HANDGUNS          
Type                :Revolver
Action              :Single Action Only
Caliber             :22 Winchester Magnum
Barrel Length       :1 1/8"
Capacity            :5 rd
Safety              :Saftey-notched cylinder
Grips               :Rosewood
Sights              :Blade Front; Fixed Rear
Weight              :5.9 oz
Finish              :Stainless
  The modern SIG SAUER pistol story began with the P220. In 1976 the .45 ACP P220 was introduced and quickly became recognized as one of "the most accurate 45s right out of the box." Since that time the P220 has earned an enviable record in hot spots around the world. The P220 features a stainless steel slide machined from barstock and coated with a durable, wear-resistant Nitron finish, light-weight alloy frame with integral accessory rail, and the SIG SAUER four-point safety system of decocking lever, patented automatic firing pin safety block, safety intercept notch, and trigger bar disconnector.
    Specification           Value                           Accessories

Item Number 220R45B
Caliber .45 ACP
Trigger Pull DA/SA 10.0 lbs/4.5 lbs
Overall Length 7.80
Overall Height 5.50
Overall Width 1.40
Barrel Length 4.40
Sight Radius 6.30
Sights Fixed
Weight w/ Mag 31.2 oz
Mag Capacity 8 Rounds
Grips Black Polymer Factory Grips
MSRP $929, $1000 w/ Night Sights
CA Compliant Yes
MA Compliant Yes
Sig Sauer Sig 1911 C3 Sig Sauer Sig P250 Compact Two Tone Nickel 9MM Night Sights
Our Price: $979.95
Our Price: $499.00
Sig Sauer 1911 C3 Sig Sauer P250 Compact Two Tone Nickel 9MM
1911 C3  
  The 1911 C3 is a 6+1 compact .45ACP featuring rosewood custom wood grips and is available in a Two-Tone finish. Weighing in at just under 30 ounces unloaded, each 1911 C3 is machined to exacting tolerances and hand-fitted to insure reliability and performance. The C3 frame is machined from a lightweight alloy and includes 25-line per inch front strap checkering and checkered mainspring housing. SIG SAUER uses only premium internal parts such as a match grade barrel, hammer/sear set and trigger. The C3 is also available in a durable Nitron finish.
    Specification           Value                           Accessories

Item Number 1911CO-45-TSS-C3
Caliber .45ACP
Trigger Pull SA 4.5 - 5.5 lbs
Overall Length 7.70"
Overall Height 4.75"
Overall Width 1.37"
Barrel Length 4.25"
Sight Radius 5.70"
Sights Novak Night Sights
Weight w/ Mag 29.5oz
Magazine Capacity 7 Rounds
Grips Custom Rosewood Grips
Finish Two-Tone Natural Stainless Slide and Controls
MSRP 1,143.00
CA Compliant NO
MA Compliant NO
SIGARMS INC                      

Sig Sauer 15 + 1 Round 9Mm Double Action Only Compact w/Nickel Finish

The Sig Sauer P250 was designed specifically to address the future needs of
the military and law enforcement professionals around the world. The
innovative design of the removable steel frame housed in a polymer grip
module allows agencies and units to change caliber, pistol size
(subcompact, compact and full), trigger length and grip size without
changing the issued serial number. The steel frame controls the rearward
motion of the slide- not the polymer grip, as in other pistols. The result
is both outstanding accuracy and reliable functionality even with
laser/light accessories mounted to the polymer grip's accessory rail. *Not
legal for purchase in the state of California or Massachusetts.*

Mfg Item Num:       2509125    
Category:           FIREARMS - HANDGUNS          
Type                :Pistol
Action              :Double Action Only
Caliber             :9 MM
Barrel Length       :3.9"
Capacity            :15 + 1
Safety              :No Manual Safety
Grips               :Polymer
Sights              :Siglite Night Sights
Weight              :26.9 oz
Finish              :Nickel
Sig Sauer Sig P220 Carry Elite Stainless Sig Sauer 1911 Tactical Operations
Our Price: $1,079.95
Our Price: $1,069.95
Sig Sauer P220 Carry Elite Stainless Sig Sauer 1911 Tactical Operations
P220 Carry Elite Stainless  
  The P220 Carry Elite Stainless is an 8+1 capacity compact-sized pistol with a full-size frame. Chambered in .45ACP, the P220 Carry Elite Stainless features the new Short Reset Trigger or SRT. The new SRT was designed by SIG SAUER to deliver the same great safety and smooth action of the SIG DA/SA with a comfortable reset 60% shorter than the standard DA/SA. This short reset provides for faster trigger return and surgical control during high speed shooting making it ideal for competitive shooting. With its enhanced ergonomic features of a beavertail grip, front strap checkering and front cocking serrations, the P220 Carry Elite is an excellent choice as a big bore carry pistol. Its beavertail grip allows the shooter to obtain his or her grip quickly and with confidence even under stress. Each P220 Carry Elite Stainless comes equipped with SIGLITE Night Sights and the all-stainless construction provides shooters with greater control over recoil. The additional weight of both a stainless slide and frame, along with the enhanced ergonomics of a beavertail grip, make this .45ACP an absolute pleasure to shoot all day long.
    Specification           Value                           Accessories

Item Number 220R3-45-SSE
Caliber .45ACP
Trigger Pull DA/SA 10.0 lbs/ 4.5 lbs
Trigger Feature SRT - Short Reset Trigger
Overall Length 7.79"
Overall Height 5.50"
Overall Width 1.60"
Barrel Length 3.90"
Sight Radius 5.70"
Sights SIGLITE Night Sights
Weight w/ Mag 39.1oz
Capacity 8 Rounds
Grips Custom Rosewood Grips
Finish Natural Stainless
MSRP $1,286.00
CA Compliant No
MA Compliant No
The legendary 1911 design has been brought into the 21st century with the refinement today’s shooters demand. The SIG SAUER 1911 proves that close tolerances equal complete reliability and need not be incompatible in an off-the-shelf pistol. SIG SAUER has introduced clean, distinct lines that American shooters have embraced, while retaining the crisp trigger pull, classic ergonomics, and exceptional accuracy they expect. The 1911 Tactical Operations model features a SAO trigger, Novak night sights, integral accessory rail, ambedextrous safety, Magwell, and Ergo XT grips.

 Caliber 45 ACP
 Action Type SAO
 Trigger Pull DA N/A
 Trigger Pull SA 5 lbs
 Overall Length 8.7 in
 Overall Height 5.5 in
 Overall Width 1.4 in
 Barrel Length 5.0 in
 Sight Radius 6.5 in
 Weight w/Mag 41.6 oz
 Mag Capacity 8 Rounds
 Sights Novak® Night Sights
 Grips Ergo XT grips
 Frame Finish Nitron
 Slide Finish Nitron
 Accessory Rail Yes
 Features Checkered front strap, Integral accessory rail, Ambidextrous safety, Magwell, Ergo XT grips
 MSRP $1290.00
 CA Compliant No
 MA Compliant No